The House of A & W Mouzannar


Beyond the love for jewelry, family, and people, A&W MOUZANNAR is a signature of trust, authenticity, quality, and expertise.
The house of A&W MOUZANNAR has inherited these qualities from a long line of artisan predecessors. The name A&W MOUZANNAR is one that has been delivering gorgeous adornments throughout several generations.
The house designs and handcrafts timeless, luxurious fine jewelry that readily gets passed down from generation to generation.
With this legacy, they have made a promise to honor the history of the house, to keep innovating, and to nurture future generations in preserving their skillful reputation within the family name.
Since the 18th century, the Mouzannar Family has been established as leading, prominent fine jewelers in the Middle East. In the 1950s, Aziz Mouzannar and his brother Walid made significant contributions to the transformation of Beirut’s Jewelers Souk, positioning it as a main jewelry hub for the entire Middle East.
The Lebanese Civil War destroyed the Souk, but it did not affect the Mouzannar family’s prestige whose name remains as an absolute reference in the jewelry industry. The creations made by the house of Aziz and Walid Mouzannar are inspired by Middle Eastern tradition and antiquity combined with a contemporary feel, making them timeless classics, sought out for their substantial value and emotional substance.

Harnessing the accumulated know-how of a heritage family business , the historic Mouzannar fine jewelry brand is fortified today by the visions, viewpoints and identities of two different designers: Dori Mouzannar and Alia Mouzannar.
Both creating exclusive work of art, both are sketching out their own versions of the family signature using the same artisanship the world has come to know over more than two centuries.
A legacy of excellence combined with the energy of this new generation has seen the Mouzannar brand go from strength to strength. Internationally recognized by winning awards such as the HRD award in 2011 or designing unique pieces for Human Rights Watch in 2014 and 2018. Furthermore, they collaborated with Zaha Hadid in 2014 on the Silene collection with exclusive pieces, as well as were selected to hand-crafted the Victoria’s Secret Bright Night Fantasy Bra for 2016.
The designers expanded to new international markets in London, Los Angeles, New York, Kuwait, UAE.

The house of today at the Mouzannar’s is, a natural link between heritage and modernity
A place where their anchored past and their future meet in the now.