Zoughaib & Co


Zoughaib & Co story begins in Lebanon with a pioneer vision of celebrating a rich heritage through the most stunning glittering creations. Born out of passion for commemorating beauty through timeless designs, Zoughaib & Co has positioned itself, since inception, as a leading jewelry house and a trendsetter in jewelry branding.

A believer in the unbound potential of human craftsmanship and creativity, Zoughaib & Co has always gone the extra mile to be at the forefront of innovation. Stemming from a fascination to equally embody the infinite wealth of nature and the universal elegance of a woman, the brand’s atypical style and distinctive originality is ingrained in each of its exceptional masterpieces.

From one branch to the largest jewelry retail chain in Lebanon, Zoughaib & Co’s impressive expansion relies not only on a successful vision and brand image, but also on an exemplary execution and a globally-acclaimed style that has made countless women happy around the world.

The Creative Mind Behind the Creative House:
Founder of Zoughaib & Co, Doumit Zoughaib has been the creative drive and mind behind the House’s unique identity and stunning creations since 1987. With an early passion for illustration and design, Doumit fiercely challenged life’s struggles to follow his dreams and stay true to his inborn talent. Nurturing his outstanding flair with a great know-how, he ventured in the world of jewelry design with the ambitious aspirations of an artist and the will of an achiever.

Resembling no other, his nature-inspired work delves into the mysteries of life and the whispers of the universe to create exclusive pieces and innovative jewelry lines that celebrate the women who wear them. Reflecting on a thrilling life journey, Doumit’s mature designs speak to every woman looking for elegance in simplicity, for distinction in style, for glamour in timelessness.